WAVES Works is a “pro-choice” sole trader small business located in southern Tasmania, Australia. The company was established as an extension of an existing hobby “mobile DJ” service known as WAVES (Wireless Audio/Visual Entertainment Solutions) with Works being added due to COVID-19 implications and to cater for the growing number of services being provided. Current services and subsidiaries now encompass “computers, technology, audio/ visual, multi-media productions (JAB’s Computing) plus online and mobile entertainment services (WAVES, VCRS & the VideoDJ). And commencing in 2022 a lawn mowing, weeding, whipper snippering, gutter and window cleaning service (JAB’s Mowing). The latter helping to add lifestyle balance, especially with exercise and vit. d levels being so important these days.

Our sole technician, Video DJ (AKA “JAB” & “DJ Curly”) is a former health professional who is also well versed and multi-skilled in computers, technology, DJ’ing, basic yard maintenance and a growing number of things. Experience and skills that blend nicely in providing a professional, friendly, reliable, diligent, honest and reasonably priced service. Remote location and statewide services are also available by negotiation. For a detailed list of the current and growing services on offer please visit the “home page” or directly access the subsidary pages accordingly.