Welcome to our dedicated VideoDJ “live stream” page embedded via our fantastic Twitch TV channel!

Upcoming broadcasts are usually advertised in our events section or via the Video DJ Twitch TV channel schedule. From time to time the channel will also be active during testing and impromptu “pop up” or promotional broadcasts. To get alerts you can register and subscribe via Twitch TV.

In order to access the broadcast will simply start playing here when the event is live…

Or for more advanced features (including live chat and request options) visit…


Live but low priority requests (in line with the current theme) can also be made via www.virtualdj.com/ask/JABtheDJ. 

Finally, please remember that these events are entirely “free” to access but if you do enjoy and appreciate the entertainment please consider buying the DJ a coffee or 2 viabuymeacoffee.com/wavesworks

*note – for optimum viewer experience we strongly recommend registering for a free Twitch TV account (https://www.twitch.tv/login.) and following the VideoDJ channel. Likewise in order to enjoy advert free entertainment we suggest you consider subscribing to the channel. If you have an Amazon Prime account this will be free, while a basic Tier 1 subscrition is currently $4.99 AUD per month. The Twitch platform offers a unique and fun interactive interphase along with an inbuilt chat feature whereby you can interect directly with the DJ and other members of the community. You can also see our upcoming broadcast schedule and activate alerts for when we go live, which is especially useful for our occaisonal “pop up” streams.